The Parisian Sibyl
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The Parisian Sibyl
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A Classic Made Accessible to All! 

Dusserre has reinvented Parisian Sibyl with a more playful, modern approach, making this edition accessible to the widest possible audience. 

The cards are illustrated by the caricaturist Jean-Jacques Grandville, known for his fantastic, zoomorphic drawings (he combined human beings, animals and plants) and his illustrations of the Napoleonic era. The character of the Parisian Sibyl was inspired by Mlle Lenormand, a famous French fortune-teller of the 19th century. Discover a deck within everyone’s reach, which easily answers concrete questions about daily life.


· An introductory text to the game, allowing you to enter this rich universe step by step

· A link to a video explaining how to use the game

· A protocol on how to draw the cards and use the keywords on each card

· 8 suggested draws

· 67 cards (including a 52-card oracle deck)

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    Box measures 3.64” x 5.15”; 67 cards measure 3.15” x 4.725”
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    Jean-Jacques Grandville

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