Buddhism Oracle Cards: The Science of Peace & Happiness
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Buddhism Oracle Cards: The Science of Peace & Happiness
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Welcome to a realm of tranquility and insight, as you explore the timeless wisdom of Tibetan Buddhism. Immerse yourself in a 52-card deck and a full-color guidebook containing the secrets of inner peace and boundless happiness. Crafted by a revered Buddhist lama and nun, this unique deck offers a no-nonsense, scientific approach to meeting life’s challenges with compassion and clarity. 

Each card distills centuries of wisdom into practical guidance, empowering you to integrate these profound teachings into your daily life. With every draw, you’ll nurture the art of happiness through direct experience, deep understanding, and boundless kindness, benefiting not only yourself but all sentient beings. 

Includes 52 cards and 128-page full-color guidebook with gold foil stamping on the guidebook cover and box front cover.

Authors & Artists 

Lama Tendar has been a Tibetan Buddhist monk since the age of 12. He received authentic teachings in the sacred practice of the Highest Yoga Tantra from his masters, who are part of an unbroken lineage of the Dharma. Lama Tendar studied at Gyuto Ramoche Monastery in Lhasa for eight years, where he trained with his teacher, an authentic Tibetan Medicine Healer. Lama Tendar then studied further in Gyuto Monastery in India for 16 years, where he became a qualified teacher in Mahayana Buddhism. 

Lama Tendar is the founder of the Medicine Buddha Tantrayana Meditation Centre and Shantideva Buddhist Foundation. Since he moved to Melbourne in the early 2000s, he has been travelling throughout Australia, teaching Buddhist Dharma and providing healing for many individuals and community groups. He lives his life to benefit all sentient beings through the practice of wisdom and compassion. 

Ani Dechen has a PhD in Economics of Development from the Australian National University and has worked as an academic for over 25 years. In seeking spiritual wellbeing, Ani learned Reiki healing with Martine Salerno from 2005 to 2006. Since 2007, she has been studying Buddhism under the guidance of Lama Tendar. In 2017, she became an ordained Buddhist nun in the lineage of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. This began her quest for mental transformation for the benefit of all sentient beings.

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    Box measures 4.94” x 6.12”; 52 rounded cards measure 4.33” in diameter
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    Lama Tendar and Ani Dechen

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