Auspicious Symbols for Luck and Healing Oracle Deck
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Auspicious Symbols for Luck and Healing Oracle Deck
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Silver Winner 2023 COVR Visionary Awards - Visionary Products

Auspicious Symbols for Luck and Healing is a vibrant 44-card deck and book set presenting good luck charms, mystical images, talismans, multi-cultural deities and spiritual healers with messages of positivity and enlightenment. This deck includes symbols that suggest not only luck but also health and healing, abundance and opportunities. Healing energy brought forth by these many symbols and images offers powerful medicine for the body, spirit and mind. Includes 200-page full-color illustrated book.

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    Box measures 4.625” x 5.375” x 1.5”;
    44 cards measure 4.25” x 5”
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    Alison DeNicola
  • Artist
    Sabina Espinet

What Customers Are Saying About Auspicious Symbols for Luck and Healing Oracle Deck

What a feel good deck! The artwork is soothing, the messages uplifting and supportive. Some of the symbols were very nostalgic for me and others were altogether unknown but the guidebook provided interesting and informative information about each symbol, so I was able to learn and understand the significance of even the symbols that I did not know. It even makes mention of different practices to really harness that energy. Finally, I cannot end this without mention of my favorite feature. Each card has a little bit of advice on how to use the energy at the very bottom, which is so helpful if you want do do a quick reading or daily draw. Love it! This one has become a fixture on my reading table.
—Robyn Isaacs, Collector & YouTuber

The Auspicious Symbols For Luck And Healing Oracle deck is truly a pleasant surprise! It has 44 cards. Each card is numbered, has a keyword, and a key expression. Therefore, you can read the cards without the guidebook. However, the 200-page, fully colored guidebook is extremely informative. It offers an explanation, message, and take away practice for each symbol, Goddess/God, angel, spirit guide, and divine teacher in the deck. The cards are wider than most oracle decks, but not much taller. The images are multicultural, global, and ancient. It's extremely easy to use and the guidebook is in numerical order. I mostly use it for daily pulls and altar work. But, there are spreads in the front of the book. So, you can use it for readings. I've also paired it with other decks to add extra wisdom to my tarot readings. Beginners, professionals, and intuitive readers will enjoy this deck.

—Queen Auset-Heru, Tarot Reader/Collector & YouTuber

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