U.S. Games Systems Tarot and Oracle Decks Award Winners


  • Chrysalis Tarot—Winner Tarot Deck of the Year by Tarotosophy/Tarot Professionals Worldwide 

  • Vintage Wisdom Oracle—Coalition of Visionary Resources (COVR) Winner for Best Inspirational Deck

  • Celtic LenormandCOVR Winner for Best Divination Deck

  • Chrysalis Tarot—COVR Winner for Best Tarot Deck


  • Magical Times Empowerment Cards—COVR Inspirational Product of the Year Award 2014

  • Sacred World Oracle Deck—COVR Award Winner, Best Divination Deck of the Year

  • Sacred World Oracle—COVR Award Winner, Best Product of the Year 


  • Ghosts and Spirits Tarot —Winner 2013 Readers’ Choice Award for best Tarot Deck

  • Gilded Reverie—Winner Best Lenormand Deck of the Year, by Tarosophists Association


  • Cat’s Eye Tarot—2012 Winner: Reader’s Choice Best Tarot Decks, About.Com 

  • Dreaming Way Tarot—Voted “Top Ten Decks of the Year” by Aeclectic Tarot


  • Joie de Vivre Tarot—Voted “Top Ten Most Popular Tarot Decks of 2011” by Aeclectic Tarot

  • Joie de Vivre Tarot—Chosen “Top Ten Tarot decks of 2011” and “Favorite Whimsical Deck” by Tarotize.com

  • Cat’s Eye Tarot—Named “Best Animal Themed Deck” by Tarotize.com

  • Cat’s Eye Tarot—Voted top Ten Most popular Decks in 2011 by Aeclectic Tarot

  • Chrystal Visions Tarot—Voted “Top Ten Most Popular Tarot Decks of 2011” by Aeclectic Tarot 


  • Imperial Dragon Oracle—Coalition of Visionary Resources (COVR) Award Winner for Best Divination Product

  • Pamela Colman Smith Commemorative Set—COVR Award Winner for Best Tarot Set