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Star-Spider Speaks Book

Star-Spider Speaks Book
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The cards illustrate facets of Native American life from all over Turtle Island, now called America.

Star Spider Speaks: The Teachings of the Native American Tarot describes in detail the spiritual and artistic riches of Native America, as they are reflected on the cards of the Native American Tarot deck. The lore and symbolism of each card is explored on a historical level, as well as artistically and spiritually. The path of the shaman is described, from its start with 0 The Fool to its triumphal finish at 21 The World.

Star-Spider Speaks also includes:

  • spreads created by Star-Spider Woman for the Native American Tarot deck;
  • visualization patterns, using the cards, for Love, Health, Prosperity, Contentment, Enlightenment, Wisdom, Justice, and Abode;
  • a specific meditation for each Higher Arcana card;
  • relationships among the Higher Arcana cards;
  • correlations of other religions and symbols with the Higher Arcana cards.

Star-Spider Speaks both immerses the reader in Native American ways and expands traditional interpretations of the tarot. It shows that the Native American Way is not a matter of blood or race, but of Vision.

"I see the Rainbow Path as a blending of the ways of all peoples.

-- Star-Spider Woman

Also by Magda Weck Gonzalez and J. A. Gonzalez: Native American Tarot Deck.

Weight 0.80 lbs
ISBN 978-0-88079-369-8
Size 6" x 9"
Author Magda Weck Gonzalez and J. A. Gonzalez


    An absolute MUST for use with the Native American Tarot Deck

    Anyone who enjoyed the Native American Tarot Deck must have this book. It completely explains both the meaning and the history behind each card, plus it provides insightful meditation points to strengthen your knowledge of this powerful, unusual deck.

    -- L. Fletcher, Amazon customer

    If you own the deck, you need to own this book!

    This is the companion book to the Native American Tarot Deck. Though the small booklet included with the deck will get you started, this book will give you even more details and interpretations, not only of the cards but also of Native American teachings and beliefs. It also includes handy reference pages for comparing the Major Arcana symbolism across many beliefs & cultures and various card spreads to use for meditation.

    -- Sam, Amazon customer