Snatch-it Word Game

Snatch-it Word Game
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Snatch-it Word Game
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Every second counts and every letter’s up for grabs in this fast-paced, word-stealing, mad dash game. As players take turns flipping over a letter tile, words can be formed by using 3 or more letters from the center or by adding onto an existing word. Players may SNATCH any word at any time by adding one or more letters. As the words grow so does the excitement. The game is easy to learn and encourages quick, creative thinking.

The simple instructions are printed right on the handy plastic tube containing 100 colorful letter tiles, making this an ideal game for family fun anywhere, anytime.

The unique and appealing packaging makes an eye-catching display.

For 2 or more players, age 8 and up.

  • Creative Child Preferred Choice Award
  • iParenting Media Award Winner
  • Top Creative Toy Seal of Excellence
  • Major Fun Award
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    What Customers Are Saying About Snatch-it Word Game

    I seriously adore this game. Never did I think that playing with my snatch could be so much fun. I love to beat my friends while we play with my snatch. I haven't picked up boggle or scrabble since I started playing with my snatch ... game. It is quite possibly one of my favorite word play games of all time! Seriously!

    -- J. Cooper

    Snatch-It, by U.S. Games Systems, is a simple word game which is compact, quick to learn and fun! The game comes with 100 plastic tiles, and it is cleverly packaged in a simple tube.

    Play is simple. Players lay all of the tiles face down in the middle of the table. Then players take turns flipping the tiles over one at a time. When a player sees a word three letters or longer, they shout it out and snatch it from the center, setting it in front of them. Players can steal each other's words by adding a letter to them, so beware!

    What's great about this game is that unlike many word games (Scrabble, for example), it's socially interactive the whole way through. No waiting for other players to take forever making their play ... it's fast-paced and fun.

    -- Megan R.

    I was in an Airport in Vermont waiting for 3 hours for my next flight home when I first played this game! It is perfect to carry around in your bag. IT's light, and tons of fun! It not only makes you think fast, you also have to have fast reflexes to snatch the word! Love this game! It can be played with lots of people or just two!

    -- Christina C.

    This is a clever new word game which is simple yet incredibly addictive. My husband and I play this game almost every night. It is cleverly packaged and takes up little room, so we keep it accessible on the kitchen table and consequently, play often.

    It has a simple premise and scoring method, is fun for 2 or more players, and keeps all players involved in the game. It takes little time to play one game, so it's a great option for after dinner. It only takes a game or two for new players to become very competitive with experienced players, and thus is great for mixed groups. Good spelling is a help, as is a good vocabulary, but even those skills are less important than being able to track the words and letters in play and keep possibilities in mind for when the right letter appears. My 17 y/o stepson can routinely beat us, and he's not an avaricious reader as we are, he just sees -- and seizes -- the opportunities available.

    -- Practical Gourmet

    Forget those slow and solitary word games--this game is fun-- a grabby/snatchy version of word play. To make it harder require longer words. To make it easier for the younger crowd set a maximum length. It's easy to explain the rules and get the game going and it doesn't take forever to get through a round so it's a great game when you just have a few minutes while it is exciting enough to play again and again for long term enjoyment.

    -- Crystal M.

    This is Scrabble for the 21st century. The game is perfect in many ways: fast to learn, easy to play, quick pace of play, never the same game twice, and virtually unlimited number of players (I have seen 2 to 10). To make it even better, this isn't one of those games where people have to sit around and "wait their turn"; if you have a party and this game is out, people can come and go without having to sit there constantly.

    It really is fun -- this is a new game in my family (and extended family) and it seems like we are all hooked! Congratulations to U.S. Games Systems for making a terrific product.

    -- Timothy N.

    Snatch is a stellar game designed by the Brits and named "Snatch-It" in the states. The game is similar to Scrabble, but there is not a limit on the length of words, and words can continue to grow or be combined to form huge words. I advise purchasing this game. If you like the Jumbler from the paper, you may be good at this game. Or if you simply like solving anagrams, this game will be suited for you.

    -- Andrew O.

    If you like scrabble then you'll love this game. It's super simple to learn and great for teens or adults. I'd definitely recommend it!

    -- Anissa W. "word game junkie"

    Very Fun! If you like word play, try this fun and challenging game. Its compact packaging makes it a great game to take on vacation. It can be played at several levels depending on players’ sensibilities, from a "learning" mode to cutthroat. I highly recommend it.

    -- E. Sutton

    This game is great -- easy to learn, and moves much faster than scrabble! Much more engaging, as everyone has to pay attention all the time. We gave it to our parents for Christmas, and the family became instant addicts.

    -- K. Shilling

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