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What do animals dream about? What kind of music helps you fall asleep? What do you see when you look up into the night sky? SleepytimeTalk presents 51 delightful bedtime topics perfect for tucking in little ones at bedtime or naptime. Each colorfully-illustrated card presents an interesting and fun fact about bedtime with conversational questions that are perfect for pillow talk. Included are topics from history and science, children’s literature, legends, and fairy tales. No reading, no rules. The questions relate to youngster's experiences and encourage family closeness. Soothing themes for sweet dreams!

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    Lynn Araujo & Devin Malloy

What Customers Are Saying About SleepytimeTalk™


The Sleepytime Talk deck is the perfect way to help little ones to bed or to use just before bedtime to encourage sleepiness.  Each card has a paragraph of interesting, thought provoking facts about sleeping and bedtime with a question at the end to initiate talk, such as what kind of music helps you fall asleep of what do you see when you look up into the night sky?  There are no right or wrong answers ... 
Lots of fun and really do work well to send the children off to dream land ... and sometimes their daddys too.
—An Angel's Kiss blog
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