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Our History


Founded in 1968 by Stuart R. Kaplan, U. S. Games Systems (USGS) initially marketed a single product category, tarot cards. It now markets approximately 400 proprietary items from over 20 product categories of tarot, playing cards, games, children's card games, museum products, books, specialty advertising products and educational/motivational cards. The company's overall mission is to create, produce and market high quality printed playing cards and book products.

USGS' market coverage in the earlier years was bookstores in the continental United States. It now sells its products through 150 independent sales representatives; in-house sales staff and attendance at approximately 40 national and regional trade shows, to 10,000 accounts of different types of retailers and wholesalers plus export to twenty countries. Primary customers include regular bookstores, children's bookstores, book distributors and book chains; book clubs, gift shops including museum gift shops and department store gift departments; greeting card stores; toy and game stores; hobby shops and mail order catalogs.

Today, U. S. Games Systems is a recognized leader in the publishing and marketing of tarot cards and related tarot products, children's card games, theme playing cards and fine art playing cards. The overall product line is characterized by the high quality of illustrations, photography, and product design.

USGS develops up to twenty new products annually and each product is targeted to support its continued penetration of a variety of niche markets, i.e., special interest and quality conscious consumer segments.

The company regularly receives recognition for its outstanding product line from organizations including:

  • Mensa Best Mind Games Award
  • Games Magazine Best 100
  • Games Magazine Best Family Card Game
  • Doctor Toy Award
  • Parents Council Award
  • Parents Choice Gold Award

Some of the most popular tarot products published by U. S. Games Systems include Rider-Waite, Crowley, Universal Waite, Lord of the Rings, Cat People, Motherpeace, Medicine Woman, Aquarian, Goddess, Morgan-Greer, Tarot of the Witches, Londa and Native American.

Popular card games published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc. includes the award-winning Wizard Card Game, Pez Card Game, Authors, the Natural World Series, Go Fish and Old Maid, Parity (Othello), Civil War Games, Ouija Card Game, Royalty, Creative Whack Pack, Rain Forest, Kern Alphabet and Animal Card Games, Mystery Rummy Series, Continuo, Duo and Alice in Wonderland Deck & Book Set.

As evidenced not only in his writings and personal collection of rare cards and games (previously on exhibit at the Bruce Museum in Greenwich, CT, and now online - "Welcome To The World of Playing Cards"), playing cards have been and continue to be a passion of the founder and Chairman of USGS. This strong desire to share high quality printed playing cards with others is embodied in the culture and fabric of U.S. Games Systems.