Low Vision "New Sight" 12-Deck Display

Low Vision "New Sight" 12-Deck Display
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Low Vision "New Sight" 12-Deck Display
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When Dr. Gerald P. Marinoff created the "New Sight" playing cards, he achieved a major breakthrough in helping the visually impaired to see the printed numbers and letters, so they can continue to enjoy playing all their favorite card games. This ingenious 54-card Low Vision Playing Card deck features enlarged and outlined indices, so suit marks are easy to read. The cards are printed on quality, European stock and are available with your choice of red or blue contrasting card backs. The 54-card deck includes two large-print Jokers making this deck suitable for many traditional card games.

Available with red or blue contrasting backs.

Packaged in a 12 pack counter display.

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    2.78 lb(s)
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    2 decks measure 2.5" x 3.5"
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