Innovative Whack Pack® Deck

Innovative Whack Pack® Deck
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Innovative Whack Pack® Deck
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Roger von Oech’s Innovative Whack Pack is a creativity tool designed to "whack" you out of habitual thought patterns and allow you to look at what you’re doing in fresh, new ways. Each card in this deck has two sides: an INSIGHT side, and a STRATEGY side.

The INSIGHT side contains an illustrated insight about innovation from the ancient philosopher Heraclitus, the world's first creativity teacher. These include such provocative ideas as "That which opposes produces a benefit," and "Everything flows." Some of these make immediate sense. Others take a little more thought and imagination to grasp their full meaning. Try to come up with your own understanding for each insight.

The STRATEGY side consists of an interpretation of that insight by Roger von Oech. This comes in the form of a creativity strategy. Roger includes stories that illustrate the strategies as well as some questions to help you apply the strategy to your own situation.

There are 30 insights, and 2 interpretations for each, which means that there are 60 cards--each bearing a creativity strategy. Also includes Instruction card.

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