Historical Signals and Semaphores

Historical Signals and Semaphores
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Historical Signals and Semaphores
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The 60 page illustrated booklet recounts the fascinating historical background of the signal flag, semaphore, phonetic alphabet, and Morse code systems featured in the deck. Packaged in a durable and attractive case, the set includes 2 replica WWII Morse code flashers, 2 semaphore training dials, Morse code bookmark, 2 full color posters, and 2 playing card decks. 108 cards, 60pp., b&w illus., pb

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    Lynn Araujo
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    Jody Boginski Barbessi

What Customers Are Saying About Historical Signals and Semaphores

This set is thousands of times better than you'd think it would be, and that it makes a great gift for anyone with an interest in history, the military, signaling, information theory, or sailing. Kids and adults alike will enjoy learning, practicing, and sending Morse code with their friends. You'll be able to read ship flags, talk like a pilot in phonetic alphabet and, in the fascinating booklet, learn the interesting history of signaling. Two flags up.

—Gord Wilson, Amazon customer

For those interested in a nostalgic look back, this is a terrific set. I bought a set for myself and a Korean War buddy of mine, and he was very pleased. It's a little like having a museum in a box. Cards, semaphore practice wheel, and a well-written booklet on the practice and the art. Worth collecting, and a wistful stroll through our nautical past.

—The Great Oz, Amazon customer

This is a well put-together set, with clever little aids that will help anybody who is trying to learn Morse code or semaphore. The included book is full of fascinating facts and historical details. I especially enjoyed the excerpts from old letters. The price is extremely reasonable for such a treasure trove of fun and educational items. I'll probably be buying another set for a young family member. 

—Deborah Lightfoot, Amazon customer

I love this kit and the history it contains. Hours and hours of fun with semaphore, signal lamps, and Morse code. Highly recommended. 

—Kevin Long, Amazon customer

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