1864 Poker Deck
1864 Poker Deck


This is a real sturdy and attractive deck for professional readings. The card stock is nice and thick; these are not fragile cards. Fortunately, for they are very handsome! Historical decks have a special place in my world, and I recommend this deck highly for its appeal both visually, historically, and its versatility.

What I find especially appealing visually are the gold foil outlines on all the cards; each pip and court card has a striking amount of bling. Card corners are not rounded. Notice that the cards do not bear indices in the corners: there is no '6' on the six of clubs, no 'A' on the Ace, etc. While for certain styles of gaming that may prove inconvenient, I find that it does not encumber most types of games that I play, and for divination it poses no problem whatsoever. Additionally, the court cards feature full-bodied people rather than the standard mirror-image, two-headed figures in modern playing cards.

Since I use the same cards for gaming as divination, I find these cards to be off my shelf repeatedly for either a game or a reading.

—John Alan Cartomancy

I just received the cards, and I am very impressed with the quality of the reproduction of the artwork, as well as the stock and finish. It mimics the card stock that was used in the historical deck as well as the artwork.

Also, the information card is very informative, and adds to the card's overall appeal. This deck is just all around a great replica deck.

—Steve M., Amazon customer

Old Time Christmas Angels Playing Card Deck
Old Time Christmas Angels Playing Card Deck
  • What customers are saying about Old Time Christmas Angels

    The imagery is wonderful and the style of these cards is very nice. I bought them just for the art. They are perfect as a gift for anyone who likes the Victorian era or angels.

    —Michael P., Amazon customer

    This is a beautiful set of cards. If you love angels and are a collector this is for you.

    —C.P., Amazon customer

Renaissance Wars
Renaissance Wars

What customers are saying about Renaissance Wars Board Game

The first thing to mention about “Renaissance Wars” is that it is a beautiful game. The components, including the box, game board, playing pieces and even the rules, are all top notch. The artwork and overall quality make this a standout product even before a game is played. Not surprisingly, the game itself really does live up to the hype.
“Renaissance Wars,” while a board game, actually does invite us to take a historical journey back in time, as the game highlights “conditions” that were paramount to those critical years that generally include the 14th to the 17th century. The five “conditions” are Religion, Culture, Economics, Politics and Seeds of Enlightenment. Players will even get to choose one of six luminary cards, each representing one of the key figures from the period, including William Shakespeare, Martin Luther, Ignatius of Loyola, Filippo Brunelleschi, Christopher Columbus and Francis Bacon. Each of these luminary cards has a special value and can provide added scoring opportunities during the game. The object of “Renaissance Wars” is to acquire more Florin coins than anyone else by the end of the game. Players compete by playing cards from their starting hand, trying to win skirmishes by collecting the cards of their opponents. Players are trying to build scoring melds, made up of certain card combinations, each having a different value that will earn Florin coins from the bank.
The second phase of the game is called the “Battle phase,” which is very similar to the skirmishes in the “Encounter phase.” However, when a player wins cards during this phase of the game, he does not attempt to form melds to earn Florin coins. Instead, each player totals their Florin coins from both the “Encounter phase” and “Battle phase”. The game continues until one player accumulates 1637 Florin coins, which corresponds to the year that is considered to be the end of the Renaissance Period. Although not discussed in this review, the game also includes several special playing cards that can help or hurt a player along the way. 
We found “Renaissance Wars” to be a fascinating game to play, with surprisingly easy to follow guidelines for the skirmishes and battles. There is also a lot of historical and biographical information on the cards that certainly enhances the overall playing experience. A typical game with experienced players can be completed in 45 minutes or so, and the game is recommended for 2-4 players ages 12 years old and up. 
—R.J. Cullen, Toys Bulletin