Halloween Tarot Book

Halloween Tarot Book
Halloween Tarot Book
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In this 140-page illustrated book, Karin Lee explores the exciting thrills and chills of Halloween. For each card of Halloween Tarot, she shares the story of its association, for example, The Emperor as Frankenstein, and The Hermit as the Mad Scientist. Both divinatory and reversed meanings are given, as well as several sample tarot layouts including the Celtic Cross spread.

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What Customers Are Saying About Halloween Tarot Book


Author Karin Lee has written a wonderful introduction to this tarot, and to tarot in general. Her writing is incredibly friendly and instantly understandable. She offers a brief but comprehensive overview of the history of Halloween, and she gives us detailed meanings behind its symbols and customs through time and culture. Her approach respects Halloween's pagan past, so those who celebrate Halloween as a "religious" holiday, should not be the least bit offended. Her information on tarot is very good, and offers the beginning reader much to get started with. All the cards are given ample space in the book, with a description of details in the cards, meanings behind the symbols, comparisons to the traditional Rider-Waite images, and divinatory meanings for upright and reversed cards. Care was obviously taken to avoid sounding too negative, because in many cards the negative has been toned down, or at the very least a positive suggestion for change has been made. This makes the deck suitable for younger people, and for those who might be drawn to the deck just for the fun of it. I found all of the card meanings to be based on the traditional, with some great personal insights from the author. It only took me an hour or so to read the book, so it is a light and easy read.

-- Nellie Levine, on Illumination Tarot

The book is well written. It offers full details on the symbology of each card along with the divinatory and reverse meanings. The author also goes into the history of Halloween and how it is celebrated in different cultures. The author also tries to offer some insight as to how certain images have become associated with Halloween like jack o' lanterns and black cats. Overall, it's a heck of a lot of fun, but also very educational! Buy it!

-- Amazon customer

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