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Flip Six™
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Flip Six™
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Adorable graphics, colorful cards, and easy-to-learn game play come together in this great new family game that provides “flippin’ good fun for everyone.” Flip Six Card Game consists of 55 numbered cards, including negative numbers. The object of the game is to score the fewest points by getting rid of cards or trading them for lower cards. To start each round, each player is dealt six cards. Without looking at their cards, players lay them out in a grid. On each turn one card is drawn and one card replaced. Matching cards may be discarded. The round ends when one player has turned up all his cards or discarded all six cards. After ten rounds, player with lowest cumulative score wins. Young players have so much fun playing Flip Six Card Game they may not even realize that they are learning addition, subtraction, and matching.

2011 Winner Preferred Choice Award from Creative Toy Awards.

Flip Six Card Game was chosen as one of the Top 20 Kid Tested Toys of 2011 by Get the Noise on Toys on Yummy Mummy Club.

For 2-4 players, ages 6 and up. Flip Six Card Game is part of the series of Let’s Play™ Card Games , which provide affordable family fun.

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    Box measures 6.5" x 4.5" ; Cards measure 2.25" x 3.5"
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    Michael and Kathleen Sherwood and James and Gloria Hammer

What Customers Are Saying About Flip Six™

2011 Winner Creative Child Preferred Choice Award

What customers are saying about Flip Six Card Game

Our whole family, kids, parents, grandparents, are all totally addicted to Flip Six game! I had no idea how much fun it was going to be.....even for adults. It is the one game we all choose to play....no debate!
—Nancy J. , Amazon customer

Awesome card game for all ages--I have 11 grandchildren--I kept 6 of them entertained for hours with this game. they want to play it all the time. Love it because it is quick and several age groups can play.

—Sandy Grabowski, Amazon customer

This game involves just enough strategy to keep it interesting and not just a game of fate, yet is simple enough that the youngest is not at a huge disadvantage. Our kids, 6 and 8 both enjoyed it and each got a chance to win a round which keeps it fun for them.

All players are dealt 6 cards which are put face-down in two rows. One card from each row may be turned over but the rest of your hand is a mystery. On their turn, each player takes a card from the draw pile or the discard pile. They then must decide if they switch it for one of their face up cards or a face down card. The object being to get rid of your high-number cards so that, at the end of the round, they have the lowest possible score. But remember, many of the cards are face down so you don't know if you're making a good trade or not. A round ends when all players cards are face up. The game is designed to be played in 10 rounds, the lowest score at the end of 10 rounds wins. Many times we didn't make it to 10 rounds, but enjoyed the game none-the-less. At any time, a player may call for the end of a round early if they think they have the lowest score. If they do, great, if they don't...their score gets DOUBLED so be careful! And drawing a matching card to one in your hand is a special draw because it allows you to permanently discard cards from your hand, decreasing the number of cards in your hand and giving you an advantage at scoring time.

All in all, a fun game that helps increase counting skills and introduces negative numbers too. The instructions could have been clearer but were finally deciphered enough to enjoy the game fully. Highly recommended and a great travel game too.

—Rudy, Amazon customer

This is a card game for all ages. Great for number recognition and value recognition for younger kids. Kids like to play and parents enjoy, too!


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