Two Player Wizard® Card Game
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Two Player Wizard® Card Game
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In this special two-player edition of the award-winning Wizard Card Game, players score points by winning the exact number of tricks predicted.

Deck includes 36 cards numbered 1-8, 2 Jesters and 2 Wizards. First player to score 100 points is the winner.

Contents: 36-card deck
Instructions for two-player game
Sample score sheet

Do you need more scorepads? Click on the blue IMAGES icon to download a FREE version.

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What Customers Are Saying About Two Player Wizard® Card Game

I’ve played thousands of games of Wizard over the years and have often tried to come up with a variation to make playing with two players, but didn’t think of the method of how to use a dummy player. The Wizard two player design does a good job of providing a challenge and making an interesting game. The game play is different and will take a while to determine how best to bet on predictions of tricks that can be taken. I look forward to trying to use this two-player version.  

—Dennis Lord, Amazon customer

Fun game especially if you love the original Wizard and only have 2 people.

—Jennifer, Amazon customer

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