100% Plastic Rally Playing Cards
100% Plastic Rally Playing Cards
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Their glide-action surface means easier handling and shuffling. These 54 card poker decks have 2 Jokers and come with rules for "Texas Hold'em" Poker. Available in red-back or blue-back standard index.

Orders of 12 decks are packed 6 of each color in a complimentary counter display.

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    Cards measure 2.5" x 3.5"
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    EN, ES

What Customers Are Saying About 100% Plastic Rally Playing Cards

I have a group of people I regularly play poker with. I got tired of always having to buy new decks of cards so I thought I'd spend a few extra bucks and try the plastic deck. I LOVE THESE PLAYING CARDS! I've used them over and over again, and so far, no sign of wear and tear. Definitely worth the extra money. Do yourself a favor, buy these cards.

—Amazon customer

What else can I say about this? I've have these cards for three years and use them to play poker every weekend. They haven't worn out and show no signs of it.

—Amazon customer

After using regular playing cards; I find using plastic cards much easier to handle, plus they will definitely last longer than ordinary cards.

—Amazon customer

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