Card Games for Kids Who Care

Green Talk

           The planet belongs to our children, so it’s never too early to plant the seeds of environmental awareness. Vibrantly illustrated card games are a delightful way to engage children, inspire their interest in the natural world, and introduce them to ecological topics.   

           GreenTalk Conversation Cards, winner of an iParenting Media Award, explore the choices we all make every day for greener living.  This 52-card deck features charming illustrations and fascinating facts to get kids talking about the environment and what role they can play. Thought-provoking questions get kids talking about their own green ideas and experiences. Other related titles in the TableTalk series include WeatherTalk, ScienceTalk, DiscoveryTalk, and AnimalTalk provide great ways to draw families together for thoughtful conversations.

            Natural WorldFor families who enjoy playing traditional card games, The Natural World Playing Card Collection offers beautiful decks with full-color artwork created exclusively for this special series.  There are 16 different decks to choose from including Endangered Species of the World, which presents detailed illustrations of 54 wild creatures, with different wildlife artwork on every card. Young nature lovers will also enjoy Natural World Playing Card decks featuring Seashells, Birds, Fish, Butterflies, Dog, Cats, Horses, Reptiles and more.

            U.S. Games Systems offers many card games that educate as well entertain, and card decks that appeal to even the youngest nature lovers.