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BaseballTalk presents fascinating facts and amusing sports anecdotes about America's favorite pastime. Topics include: the stars of baseball, the history of the game; the rules and strategies; teamwork and sportsmanship; highlights and inspiring moments. BaseballTalk Conversation Cards include intriguing questions to get everyone in the family talking about their own experiences on and off the field. There are no right or wrong answers- just pick a card and start talking. Great for conversations at the dinnertable, car and plane rides, parties, and in the classroom. Delightful illustrated 52-card deck is a homerun!

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Weight 0.19 lbs
ISBN 978-1-57281-624-4
Size 2.5" x 3.5"
Author Devin Malloy


    Fun for the family on your way to a game

    These cards are a simple and fun way to pick up fun facts about baseball -- and then use those facts to launch a conversation with your kids. It is an ideal game to play with your family on the way to the ballpark. No need to be a baseball fanatic. The cards get you in the mood for the game. A sample fact that I liked: "In the early days of baseball, pitchers had to pitch underhand and the batter could request a high or low pitch." The same card asks "If you could revise the rules to a sport or activity what would you change?"

    You get the picture. The casual baseball fan will learn something, but since there are no "right" answers everyone can play. Nobody loses -- perfect for my family.

    -- B. Daly, Amazon customer