Backstab Card Game

Backstab Card Game
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Backstab Card Game
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In this crazy new card game, players battle the DEMENTED, DISGUSTING AND DERANGED... 
from macabre characters to diabolical traps! Using action cards, players try to beat each encounter they face. If successful, they get a coin... if not, they lose a card. Players may also confiscate coins from their opponents by attacking them with BACKSTAB moves.
The first player to rack up 25 cents WINS THE GAME! 
* 119 Cards
* 18 Coins
* 12 Backstab Tokens
* 1" Large Custom Die
* Easy to Use Comic-style Instructions

For 2-4 players, ages 8 and up.

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What Customers Are Saying About Backstab Card Game

In this game, players will encounter hideous monsters and horrible traps in lots of different areas that they will then have to battle to gain valuable coins. Of course, they'll have to watch out as the other players can backstab them at any time forcing them to battle it out. The player that can withstand all the horrors and are able to collect the most coins will be declared the winner.

The game is very simple and rather fun that plays a lot like a trick taking game. Each round the zone will determine which suit is more powerful than the others. As the encounters are revealed, you'll have to be aware of what you can do with what you have and hope to save what could be your better cards for the next encounter. Of course, another player can always switch up the zone and completely mess up your well thought out plans. If that wasn't bad enough, the other players can backstab you to try and take your money and possibly cause you to lose a card if you don't win. The game can be quite cutthroat at times. Thankfully a player can only backstab 3 times a round. Of course that can still mess you up quite a bit if you have a bad hand. Luck does seem to play a fairly decent part of this game, both through the cards and the die roll for the traps. Even with all the chaos, the game is a pretty good little filler style card game. It plays around 30-45 minutes. I enjoy the weird humor and chaos of the game fairly well.
8 out of 10

Backstab is a light card game of trick taking with a bit of a take that feel, sprinkled with some hand management. The game doesn't take that long. Most sessions last around 45 minutes tops. The artwork is really unique and odd but still humorous and fun. It reminds me a lot of TV's Adventure Time. There's not really much of a theme to it, even though it seems to have wanted there to be one. I see what they were trying to do. I wish that the money tokens had actually looked like money instead of just round circles with a number on them. I also wish that the die had been engraved instead of screen printed as I fully expect the ink to rub off after lots of use. As for the game, it is really simple and doesn't take much to learn. It's pretty solid though a bit chaotic with the use of the backstab mechanic. Luck plays a fairly large part in the game through the luck of the draw and dice rolls. This is one that I'd recommend trying out first unless you really like trick taking games. In that case, I'd recommend it. In any event, it's definitely fun and worth playing. I enjoyed it.
8 out of 10

—Jonathan Nelson, Gaming Bits, BGG

Backstab uses the core mechanic of an adventure game: it has encounters that must be overcome through careful card management. It's also very much a take that game, where players assault each other. Finally, as a card game, it reminds me most of war (with enough expansion and development to make it interesting, of course).

As an adventure game, Backstab is pretty simple. You manage a limited hand of cards to try and earn victory points while staying powerful. It plays very quickly and without too much thought.

The heart of the game is really in the backstabbing. It can be fun and fast-paced, as people shout that they're backstabbing each other in rapid succession.

Backstabis a very light game of fighting encounters but (even moreso) assaulting the other players. There's some beautiful old-school art and some fun cards, but also a bit too much of beating up on players who aren't doing well.

—Shannon Applecline,

I got this game for my nephews to play when they visit and was pleasantly surprised to find that I enjoyed it as well!

Basically, it's set up like a dungeon crawl, where you're encountering monsters cards and have to defeat them using the cards in your hand. For example, a particular dungeon may be strong in magic, so in order to defeat the monster, you would have to play cards that are of a higher value than the monster. Sounds straightforward and it is, but there are also cards that can be played that change that, adding a bit of mayhem to the game!

There is also the fun backstabbing mechanic (that the boys loved!) where you can declare that you're going to backstab an opponent. You are then playing your cards head to head against him.

As an adult I'd give the game 4 stars, but the boys would give it 5 for sure - one of them even said he'd buy it off of me, using his own money! :)

The art is fun, the rules straightforward and the game quick. An all around fun time.

—Lulu, Amazon customer

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