Ask the Queens: Advice Card Deck

Ask the Queens: Advice Card Deck
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Ask the Queens: Advice Card Deck
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Royal advice from the likes of Cleopatra and Anne Boleyn is dispensed with scintillating wit and historical wisdom on topics ranging from romance to career ambitions. To consult their majesties, simply choose a card and your special message will be revealed. The 40 oversized cards are illustrated by Kris Waldherr and come packaged in deluxe, hinged box. A perfect gift for all your "frenemies."

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    Kris Waldherr

What Customers Are Saying About Ask the Queens: Advice Card Deck

I'm reviewing a really fun deck today, the Ask the Queens Advice card Deck. This card deck gives you sage advice "for getting ahead, without losing your head." These cards were adapted from "Doomed Queens" by Kris Waldherr and I must say, it is a charming deck to work with. The cards are a bit over sized at 5.75" x 4.25" and have a wonderful matte finish. The way in which one uses the cards is quite simple, shuffle them well whilst formulating a question, the more specific you can be the better. Then choose your card by holding your hand over the cards until one just begs your attention, choosing that card will deliver to you your very special message from one of the Queens. The deck advises, mind you, that the answers may be a tad on the gloomy side because of their life experiences so keep that in mind if you happen upon a message that may or may not be a little negative.

I absolutely love this deck because not only is each card full of wisdom and experience it also tells you a bit of information on that particular queen and a little of the history too. I like it when I can learn a little something on the way too, don't you? For instance, the advice from Queen Alexandra Romanov is " Don't trust a holy man who acts like the devil." Of course she gives this gloomy advice because as we all know, she and her family were executed by firing squad in 1918 but what you may not have been aware of is that hemophilia ran in her side and her fifth and only son, Alexei... heir to the throne, was born with this condition.

Some of the regal advice comes from Queens such as Marie Luisa; Marie Antoinette; Catherine Howard; Catherine of Aragon and Diana Spencer. All and all, Ask the Queens Advice Card Deck is a fabulous way to get a little insight from a few ladies who have seen it all and it gives you a history lesson to boot! This would be a wonderful deck to place upon one's coffee table for a brilliant conversation piece. 

—Liz Christie, Lizzy’s Logic blogspot

My goodness ... what an interesting and different oracle deck.  The first thing I thought when I found this oracle was, hhmm ... what a strange deck ... and I love it.  The Ask the Queens advice cards are an oracle deck with advice straight out of the history books from the lovely ladies, the Queens themselves.  Each card contains a quote, as well as some background of the Queen, highlights of her life.  

If you love only the positive side of life, and neglect the darker polarity of a perfect equation, these cards may make you a bit queasy.  Some of the advice, although certainly something you could take to heart and follow is rather humorous.  Advice such as the pretty, long-haired Ostrogoth Queen Amalasuntha gives, "Don't let your education make you stupid".  This is actually very good advice, although I could not help but find it knee smacking, cheek-hurting hilarious.  This is a good one for those "holy than thou" educated types ... enough said.

I love Queen Maria's advice, "The soil is only as good as the seed".  True, very true ... also in reverse.  

Thought provoking, rich in historical reference and delightfully creative, Ask The Queens would compliment any coffee table, especially during a woman's group or meet-up.  

—An Angel’s Kiss

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