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  • Faery Blessing Cards
    Faeries are ancient, powerful elementals, and they have many blessings and gifts to offer. Once, the faeries and the humans were allies, united in our love for and protection of the planet. 
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    • $25.95
  • Fairy Wisdom Oracle Deck and Book Set
    Amy Brown’s Fairy Wisdom Oracle provides a bridge to the elemental realms, beyond the world we perceive with our senses. These spiritual dimensions are inhabited by charming fairies, angels, dragons, elves and other elemental guides, who interconnect with us for mutual development.
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    • $24.95
  • For the Love of Dragons Oracle
    Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend never met a dragon. Inside this deck by popular artist Amy Brown, you’ll find majestic guides, petite playmates, cute companions and wild free spirits. Discover the power of fire and flight in this special collector’s book and deck.
    Score: 3.53 (votes: 19)
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    • $26.95
  • Sisters Of The Sea
    Explore the symbology, mystery and deities of the sea and enhance your readings with mermaid tools, insights, prophecies and offerings. Bring your questions to the Sisters of the Sea and be guided by their divine visions of past, present, and future.
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    • $28.95