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Gnostic Tarot Book

Gnostic Tarot Book
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With all the controversy surrounding esoteric Christianity, mysticism, and religious symbology, Gnostic Tarot addresses the rich Esoteric Hermetic tradition and manages to confront many current ideas and misconceptions surrounding Gnosticism and religion.

Author Irwin explores the esoteric history of Tarot, and examines the symbolic correspondences of the Four Suits, the natural elements, and numerology of the cards. Advocating Tarot as a path to illumined states of consciousness (gnosis), Irwin includes in his book ten Mandalas (or spreads) for deep reflection and meditation as a means of enhancing spiritual awareness.

Weight 1.10 lbs
ISBN 1-57281-521-3
Size 6" x 9"
Author Lee Irwin