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Blue Bird Lenormand

Blue Bird Lenormand
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The 36-card Petit Lenormand deck has an updated design with elegant, classic artwork. The cards feature playing card inserts and verses by Stuart Kaplan to assist the reader in interpreting the card meanings. The 40- page instruction booklet includes a brief biography of Mlle. Lenormand, card meanings, and a sample Grand Tableau reading.

Mlle Lenormand rose from humble beginnings in 19th century France to become the most prominent fortune teller in Europe. Her clients included Napoleon, about whom she made bold and astonishingly accurate predictions. Her card-reading methods are still popular today.

Please note: Blue Bird Lenormand is a substitute for the Blue Owl deck in the U.S. Games Systems product line.

Weight 0.20 lbs
ISBN 978-1-57281-836-1
Size 36 cards, 2.375 x 3.5
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  • What customers are saying about Blue Bird Lenormand

    The magic in this little deck lies in it's simplicity and its eloquent, Victorian nature. The pictures relay a gentle vibe while the short poems on each card relay a passionate feel for each card. This is the first Lenormand deck that has ever spoke to me card by card. The poems add a refreshing sense of purpose to the cards, without cluttering their meaning. It is, what is sure to be, a time-honored deck.

    —Nicole Guillaume, Guiding Echoes

    The Blue Bird Lenormand is a charming and classic looking Petit Lenormand fortune telling deck that will be a delight to many. The sky blue tuck box is elegant yet simply done. It is strikingly similar to the Blue Owl Lenormand box.

    The artwork is 18th century Victorian era, with playing card inserts in the upper left ¼ of the card. I found this updated Lenormand setup to very similar to the Daveluy deck c. 1860 and the Geuens-Willaert Lenormand c. 1903. The upper right ¼ of each card contains an original verse written by Stuart Kaplan. A beginner may find these verses helpful while interpreting the cards. 

    Included with the deck is a handsome 40 page little white book. There is a very insightful, but brief biography of Mlle. Lenormand. It also has card meanings and a sample Grand Tableau reading.

    This is a sweet little fortune deck and those that enjoy the classic look should take a look at the Blue Bird Lenormand.

    —Terri Clement, ATA Tarot Reflections

    Oh, my goodness. These are the Lenormand cards of my dreams! I have been learning Tarot for a while, and in my search for Tarot cards and books, stumbled upon the Lenormand and have been learning that as well. I have perused many decks and bought several, but this is my hands-down favorite deck and my search is over.

    To me, everything about this deck is perfect. Even the box is delightful, with its sweet blue bird design. The "Little white book" in this case is a "little blue book" with a lovely picture of three blue birds on it, and inside there are even several pictures: a portrait of Mlle. Lenormand, a photograph of her original mausoleum, and a photograph of her current tomb. The explanations, though necessarily brief, are very good.

    The cards are like works of art. First, there is the card image itself, mostly in the style of paintings or drawings but incorporating various kinds of artwork including a Victorian valentine heart for the Heart card and a photograph of a woman's hand wearing a ring for the Ring card. The suits are placed in the upper left corner, instead of in the center as in most cards, leaving more room for the central image, and instead of playing-card-type images of the kings, queens, etc., tiny paintings are used.

    The cards have verses on them. I know some people dislike this, but to me as a student they are enormously helpful. They certainly don't detract from the cards at all. Do they contain everything needed to interpret a card? Of course not, but they are very helpful when learning, so that one does not have to constantly refer back to the booklet or other book. The verses on these cards are better written than others I've seen, and do encapsulate quite a bit of the card's meaning.

    I just couldn't be happier with my precious little deck!

    —“Agent 99”, Amazon customer